DoST develops Halal-certified skincare products

MANILA; In response to the increasing demand for products and services catering to Muslim consumers, which were still lacking in the Philippines, the Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI), an agency of the Department of Science and Technology (DoST), developed a line of personal care products that were halal-compliant.

Among the DoST-ITDI halal-compliant, personal care products were lipstick and lip balm, which both contained shea butter and either virgin coconut oil (VCO) or avocado oil on top of other emollients that made them moisturized; soap made from avocado oil, shea butter and VCO, infused with lemon and cucumber extracts; shampoo infused with lemongrass oil, VCO, peppermint, wheatgerm oil and rosemary essential oil; and toothpaste containing VCO, papaya extract and peppermint.

Ma. Rachel Parcon, supervising science research specialist of DoST-ITDI, reiterated that consumers nowadays had become more conscious of the commodities they purchased and consumed.

Halal products were significantly different from organic products. However, were comparable in some aspects. Organic beauty products were formulated from all organic and natural raw materials, which many knew were the main grounds for having high cost. In comparison, halal cosmetic products could be more affordable for the general public as these didn’t have to be all organic or natural.

Because halal products could never contain or be made from animals that were forbidden by Islamic law, it was really common for raw materials to be sourced from plants. Meaning, these also induced potential health benefits for consumers, adding value to the products. In addition, synthetic materials were allowed as long as these did not pose harm to consumer.

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