Seara sets to launch ‘Shawaya’ Chicken, a first-of-a-kind innovation in frozen foods at Gulfood 2022

DUBAI: Seara, a food brand that is completely committed to high quality products, is set to launch Seara Shawaya, a first-of-a-kind innovation in the frozen foods category at Gulfood 2022, running from 13 to 17 February. The brand with presence in over 150 countries is part of JBS, the global leader in protein-based food.

Seara Shawaya – Chicken for Roasting is the latest innovation from Seara that seeks to fill the gap where no added value products are offered. Developed with the Middle East woman in mind, the product offers variety and novelty while addressing key consumer needs around convenience, taste and quality. On-site, Seara’s chef will present the ‘freezer to oven’ halal product for tasting, giving visitors and potential customers the opportunity to taste the delicious flavors while noticing the ease of preparation.

“Following the company’s commitment to innovation and quality, we are proud to present our new range Seara Shawaya, the novel solution in the frozen poultry category. Roasted chicken has long been a favorite among the population in this region, and we are glad to be offering this new category that promises to meet the consumer’s need for convenience, taste and speed of preparation, tailored to local tastes and flavor preferences. Tested during researches among consumers in the region, the product guarantees to simplify the daily lives of women today, who juggle multiple roles with a greater demand of their time than ever before.”, said the company representative.

Frozen Halal Whole Chicken is the biggest category in Retail and Food Services. Served also in Rotisseries Restaurants or at Supermarkets, roasted chicken is a consumer favorite and Seara’s Shawaya Chicken will be the First Frozen Marinated Whole Chicken from Seara ready to be cooked straight from the freezer to oven or air fryer. For those who want to spice and flavor themselves their poultry, Seara also presents the First Frozen Tender Whole Chicken, which is the ideal solution as it comes already pre-marinated with brine so that chicken is tender and juicy, guaranteeing the juiciest chicken breast as preferred in the region. “With the motto ‘we marinate you enjoy’ Seara Shawaya puts the GCC Consumers at the forefront of their innovation”, complemented the company.

Available in four options, being three delicious flavors of Hot Curry, Kabsa and Italian and one plain alternative Frozen Whole Chicken Tender, Seara Shawaya Range is set to hit shelves in the 2nd quarter of 2022. The Seara Shawaya range brings more choices and variety to the already well-established portfolio of Seara products in the MENA region.

The new range will be available in selected stores and supermarkets in the GCC. For information on Seara foods, recipes and more, please visit:

In addition to this launch, the brand will showcase a new portfolio of over 120 products produced at two local plants in the UAE and KSA, taking into account the importance of Middle Eastern culture and cuisine. The new range introduces a complete halal portfolio of Seara breaded chicken, chicken burgers and beef burgers, minced meats, sausages, meat balls, frozen vegetables, frozen seafood and frozen fruits, among others. All the new products will be exhibited at the trade show, strengthening the strategy of Seara of offering the region innovative, high-quality products.

About Seara
With more than 60 years of expertise, Seara is a Brazilian food brand that is completely committed to high quality products, offering a large portfolio in the In-Natura meats and Poultry segments (frozen), as well as prepared and industrialized food solutions. Seara Alimentos, is part of JBS company the
global leader in protein-based food production. Seara is present in more than 150 countries (such as China, England, Kuwait, France, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, United States and United Arab Emirates), and it has international certifications for excellence in production, such as BRC (British Retail Consortium), SWA (Supplier Workplace Accountability), Global GAP (Global Certificate for the Agricultural Chain), Swiss Law, ISSO 14001, Halal Certifications, Certificate of Conformity (ESMA Halal National Mark), among others.

About JBS
JBS is global leader in protein-based food production. With a global platform diversified by type of products (poultry, beef and lamb), the Company has over 250,000 team members in production units and offices on all continents, in countries like Brazil, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and China, among others. In Brazil, JBS is the country’s largest employer, with over 145,000 team members. Worldwide, JBS offers an extensive portfolio of brands recognized for excellence and innovation: Seara, Swift, Pilgrim’s Pride, Moy Park, Primo, and Just Bare, among many others, which find their way every day onto the tables of consumers in 190 countries. The Company is investing in correlated businesses like leather, biodiesel, collagen, personal hygiene and cleaning, natural wrapping, solid waste management solutions, recycling, metallic packaging and transport, with emphasis on the circular economy. JBS conducts its operations allocating priority to high quality and food safety, while adopting the best sustainability and animal welfare practices across its entire value chain and, in March 2021 it assumed the commitment to become Net Zero by 2040. This means that JBS will zero the net balance of its greenhouse gas emissions, reducing the intensity of the direct and indirect emissions and offsetting all residual emissions. JBS was the first global company in the protein sector to take on this commitment, with the intention of feeding people around the world in an increasingly sustainable manner.


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