Singapore vending machine serves halal sushi

SINGAPORE: Sushi is one of Singaporeans’ most beloved food, whether from the nearby grocery store or at a fancy omakase restaurant.

Oftentimes, a few pieces of sushi are all we need to satisfy our cravings, and the easier it is to get our hands on them, the better.

Well, it seems that Hei Sushi, a halal-certified Japanese restaurant with seven outlets in Singapore, is making sushi lovers’ dreams come true. Recently, in collaboration with One Halal Nation, they opened a halal sushi vending machine at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

The machine is can be found at the Education Resource Centre in U-Town. The restaurant replaces the sushi every four hours to ensure fresh sushi at all times of the day.

The machine serves 42 types of fresh, chilled sushi.


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