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Halal Economy is foremost for senior management of companies and brands in the halal sector and consumers of halal products and services but also gives professionals from diverse financial backgrounds, government bodies and private sector establishments the opportunity to get the latest information or learn more about this unique system under one platform.

To the uninitiated Halal is Arabic for permissible and refers to what is lawful in traditional Islamic law. Although it is frequently applied to permissible food and drinks, the concept of Halal has taken a broader meaning covering a number of sectors from food to finance to fashion.

This is an information platform dedicated to all those seeking to learn about and expand their knowledge of Halal products and services, as we wish to emphasise that halal does not mean that only Muslims can avail themselves of its benefits. For example, what Halal-certified food means is that strict processes are being followed in the preparation of the food from the farms to the dining table.

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